'Black to Yellow' – Chris Lamontagne
'It was a great opportunity to express ourselves creatively through film and I was really happy with what I achieved. I have always loved music so it was great to be able to combine something I love and something a little new to me, by writing my own lyrics and working to a beat through sound and visually.'
'Breaking into the Museum' – Lloyd Kofi Anarfi
'This workshop was fun and exciting and I definitely want to make films in the future.
I also made loads of new friends who I am still in touch with, so it was more than just making a film.'
'Life chances' - Cara Prince
'‘I learnt more here than I have done at school. When we were making my film, I was worried I would forget my words, which I did a lot at time! But then I realised that I am actually very good at MC and it brought back a confidence in me to do things I love as well as learn something new.'
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