Youth Groups

Salmon Youth CentreManifesta and TrueTube explored how to use and adapt the lesson plans in a non-formal educational setting.

To this end, a workshop was organised with young people from the Salmon Youth Centre in Bermondsey.

The example below may inspire you as to what you could do with your own youth group. 

The workshop participants from the Salmon Youth Centre were shown a selection of 'Breaking'  films. Then, they discussed the films, their content, their form etc. This led to a discussion on multicultural Britain. The list of key words extracted from the lesson plans was used to increase young people's understanding and facilitate a debate. 

After discussing the subject, the young people made their own film, having all agreed to do a 'vox pop', using a flip video camera (a very small camera which can be handled easily). A list of questions to be answered was drawn up by the young people, and in turn they held the camera, acting as journalists, and answered questions.

It was also decided by the group that they would write an article on Multicultural London in their new magazine 'Skin' (print magazine). 

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