'Letter to the Museum' – Rae Evelyn
'The idea for my film came up when going around and noticing certain things weren’t in the museum and thought I would make a direct question to the museum about it. I really enjoyed this workshop; it shows that people my age need more opportunities like this. '
'Brixton Riots' – Anais Mika
‘Before this project I just didn’t give a damn about history as I thought why would I be interested in something that does not relate to me as a person or my generation. But when I chose my object which was the Brixton riots painting, I was so surprised to learn that these riots happened just a few metres from where I live. It was like, wow, I did not know that!’
'Now and then' – Joyce Kudia
‘It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun. I learnt a lot too. I discovered what editing was and I really liked it.’
'Chandni Chowk to Trafalgar Square' – Asmita Chauhan
'I really really enjoyed this experience. I had never made a film before so I was so excited and I just learnt so much and that it is very possible to make a film in a short time.'
'The Riots of Trafalgar Square' – Zakiya Amlak
'My favourite part was the editing as it’s where you can really shape and change the film'
'Hackney Carriage, Sherbert Dab, Story of the London Cab' – Sam Williams
'It was a great experience, I had never made a short film before and I actually got a job from this experience.'
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