'The retro brick' – Yasmin Gideon-Albert
'When I first heard about this project I thought it was going to be boring as it’s a museum and well, I don’t really go to any! So on day one I was already a bit weary but then when I started to go around looking for my object and found the phone, I went home and decided to make a giant phone. Paris helped me with the idea of making an advert. It took me like 4 hours to make the phone but once it was done I was so excited and it made the whole thing come to life for me.’
'One Gin Life’s Debt' – Lissandro Silva
'This was a great experience for me, it was very inspirational and motivating. I got to work with people I don’t know, yet go to the same college with. I love media and film, it is my passion, and this project only pushed me to want to do it more. I got this film as part of my portfolio now.'
'Jardim do Prazer' – Natacha Da Silva
'I really enjoyed this workshop, I had never done anything like this before but it has got me really interested in media which is why I am taking it up in college.'
'One City' – Jamila Danjuma
'Yeah, it was a really cool project and I learnt a lot. Picking an object to use wasn't easy. I spotted an image of a black woman standing outside a door that read 'keep Britain white', then I decided I would do my film on Immigration. When my mother moved to London over 20 years ago all she wanted was a better life - and we have benefited from the choices she made.'
'Hottentot Modern' – Cassandra Gokool-Mely
'This was an important experience for me, I got to work with other people and realised I am definitely no actress but I would love to work in the media, particularly fashion journalism'
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