The Local Partners

The workshops were organised and produced with the following partners:

In Casal da Boba: Vende-se Filmes

Vende-se Filmes is a production company set up by Filipa Reis who, with Joao Miller Guerra already had an in depth knowledge of Casal da Boba and its population, having worked there for 2 years, producing and directing a film in Boba as part of the Gulbenkian Foundation “Projecto Geração” in 2007, and interviewing a number of Boba inhabitants on their lives and aspirations. Their work in Boba continues, following and filming the “Generation Orchestra” (a youth Orchestra set up by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for young people living in Boba) as well as developing new projects with young people.

Workshop tutors and contributors

Video Artists and creative film-makers: Manel Costa, Luisa Homem, João Miller Guerra, Miguel Tomar Nogueira

Assistants: Maria Campos Forte; Daniela Sores; Dauto Junior

Project Director and Producer: Filipa Reis – Vende-se Filmes

In Paris: Tribudom

Tribudom is a collective composed of directors, video-artists, choreographers, photographers and musicians who have worked in neighbourhoods of Paris said to be "sensitive", for 7 years. Their interest in working in these areas arose from the diversity, the openness to other cultures and the relationship of the inhabitants within their neighbourhoods. Tribudom have engaged people from different generations and neighbours of various backgrounds in several projects that have been carried out at the Amandiers, the focus of their work lying in the dynamics of the individuals and communities with their environment. They also work in schools of the area.

Workshop tutors and contributors

Video artists and creative film-makers: Mona Abdel Hadi; Juliette Agnel; sophie Brescia; Ivan Basso; Cyrille Blandin; Amélie Bouhours; Elsa Diringer; Fanny Cauuet; Alain Kantarjian; Anne-Cécile Le Moal; Magali Marc;Atisso Medessou

Assistant: Fannie Delachaux

Coordinators: Mona Abdel Hadi and Ivan Basso

Artistic Coordinator: Ludovic Rivalan

Production: Collectif Tribudom


In London: Newham Young people Online (NYPO)

NYPO is a website and a forum used as a resource for young people and workers in Newham. The space acts as a bonding and cohesive space for debate and discussion on what it means to be young in Newham in the 21st century and how to create a cohesive community of young people. NYPO contributed to the recruitment of the young people and several of its members took part in the London workshop.

Newham City Learning Centre

The City Learning Centre (CLC) provides ICT equipment, experience and expertise to teachers and young people within education in Newham. The CLC aims to raise attainment throughout the London Borough of Newham, through the innovative use of technology and new approaches to teaching and learning. Where possible they work across borough boundaries, on local, national and international projects.

Workshop tutors and contributors

Video Artists: Matthew Thomas, Su Tomesen, with Riffat Ahmed and Robert Kiff
Art Teacher: Julia Millette

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